The new issue of "Here – Notes from the Present"

17 febbraio 2007 @ 02:33

The new issue of “Here – Notes from the Present” will be out by the end of
this month. Entitled “In mourning”, it includes: diary entries from
Salvador, Israel, Italy, Iraq, Morocco, Gaza, Russia; two short stories by
the Salvadoran writer Claudia Hernandez; three poems by two Italian poets,
Michele Zaffarano and Marina Massenz; an essay by Bruno De Maria,
psychoanalyst, who advocates a return to “idiocy”; a story-essay “from a
prison” by Chiara Maffioletti; and “A cry against indifference” by Maria
Ofelia Zuniga.
From the back cover: In mourning. For Bruno, our friend and contributor, who
died a natural death (October 18). For Cecilia, and for Guillermo, Edgar,
Rigoberto, Pablo, Orlando Adonay, Eduardo Alexander, Douglas, Carlos
Antonio…, who died violent deaths in El Salvador (since September 1). For
Anna Politkovskaya, killed in Moscow (October 7). For the hundreds of
thousands of Iraqis who have died as a result of the war and occupation
(October 18). For the 22 members of the Athamneh family, killed by an
Israeli shell in Gaza (November 8). For the three sons of Baha Balusha,
victims of the fighting between Hamas and Al Fatah in Gaza (December 11) For
the over 3000 American soldiers who have died in Iraq since the beginning of
the war. For… In mourning.
“…As I start, I feel I’m doing something which is against common sense.
Ordinary people do not pursue death. They shun it. If anything, they pursue
life. So do I. But I can’t go on like this…” (Mayra Barraza, San Salvador,
September 1)
Who would wish to receive it can write to A single
copy costs 10 euros (12 US dollars), and a three-issue subscription 30 euros
(36 US dollars) in Europe and the Mediterranean area, 35 euros (42 US
dollars) in the rest of the world. However, reduced-price subscriptions are

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