Mariela Victoria De Marchi MoyanoI am Bolivian-Italian and I live in Vicenza (Italy). Since very young I had a passion for languages, I grew up bilingual Spanish and Italian, learning Portuguese, English and French easily.

I started working at 19, right away with texts: Spanish texts editing, proofreading and DTP. Then I worked as a freelance translator, specialized in websites search engine optimization (SEO). Then I started working on web communication, mostly cultural projects management.

Now I work as a digital strategist and chief of organizational development at Pensiero visibile and I design meaningful experiences in nature at Cammina Respira Rallenta.

I fell in love with photography very soon, but I was afraid to expose myself -even behind the lens. Now I want to explore and reveal people who explore themselves.

After long years as an autodidact, now I’m studying with Marc De Tollenaere. I find inspiration in Henri Cartier Bresson, David Alan Harvey, Dorothea Lange, Annie Leibovitz, Alfred Stieglitz.

You can find my photographic and creative work also at:

My thoughts about life and work are written mostly in Italian in my blog.